Saturday, July 22, 2006


welcome back, , and welcome to all you first time visitors as well,

Before I continue, let me thank Sean Johnson for posting about this blog on his own, if you haven't visited it yet you should check out my links section for PUPPETS 101 , his work is great , and he has tons of info on his site about puppet building and designing

Thanks again Sean!!

Thanks to Andrew at Puppetvision, check out his site in my links section.

And yet another site to say thank you to

The guys over at,

Thanks guys,check them out in the links section

any way back to your regularly scheduled Blog.

"So , how did I come to work for Puppetworks?" you may ask,(or maybe you haven't but here's the answer anyway.)

Well were to start , I guess I should say that I was sort of lost in how to get started in puppetry.(not that I'm still not lost), I had finished with school, and was sort of stuck on what to do next. I was holding down a pretty steady gig at a deli, and building my own stuff at night.But the coming home smelling of roast beef and french fries was getting really old really fast.

My sister was at school in NYC studying acting and she mentioned that she picks up a paper called Backstage that had listings for numerous performing jobs.So,on one fine day I decide to pick one up, while sitting at my favorite coffee shop i stumbled upon an add that was to finally get me moving in the right direction.It was for a paid internship at "THE SWEDISH COTTAGE MARIONETTE THEATRE" in central park NYC.

After faking my way thru the audition(i had never worked a real marionette in my life , I was pretty much "Muppet-centric" until that point),I found out that I got the job. I think for the first time I felt like I was on my way.Keep in mind it was a internship, but i was doing much more than just loading trucks, i was puppteering, and learning about stringing up marionettes, and making controls.And as luck should have it ,I was working with a real Pro,Nick Coppola.

As the summer went along we became good friends, and as my Internship was coming to an end He offered me a Job at his own theatre in Brooklyn, Puppetworks,Inc. I have to say that with out Nicks faith in me, and his encouragement I probably would not be here today writing about a New show for the Theatre.In a lot of ways he is responsible for me continuing on in puppetry.

But it was those early days at Puppetworks were the first seeds were planted in my head about doing "The Reluctant Dragon".My first shows at Puppetworks were Traditional glove hand puppet shows(like Punch and Judy),It seemed to me at the time that "The Reluctant Dragon" would make a great hand puppet show .I even did a few sketches of how I thought it might look,but the great things about Ideas is that they can change and grow, as you will see as this Blog moves further along.

drawing to come soon, im to tired to scann anything at 4 in the morning.


Anonymous Rich said...

Well James, I'll certainly stay tuned for "THE RELUCTANT DRAGON".

The marionette looks great even if he is trying to unionise the dragon labour.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find this blog very encouraging, particularly the "I was sort of lost in how to get started in puppetry!" I am a puppeteer trying to get started. I first read about The Reluctant Dragon on the website. Can't wait to see the show!

8:53 AM  
Blogger Wojtaljr said...

thank you both for your comments, glad your enjoying my first attempt at this blogging thing , hopefully future post will entertain as well

6:57 PM  
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